Unique Process


Ortho-Cycle exploited the finding that acrylic polymers can be successfully removed from all orthodontic attachments without subjecting them to charring, in other words, to temperatures which generate material degradation. Its unique process is based upon the dissolution of polymerized acrylates at temperatures at which simultaneous sterilization occurs.


Why Us ?

  • * The Slot remain the same
  • * No adhesive charring
  • * No electropolishing
  • * Self-ligating clips are not affected
  • * Minimum change of properties
  • * The adherence may even be improved

Ortho-Cycle Co., Inc.

A company which cleans, inspects, sorts and decontaminates orthodontic appliances, as well as buys and sells them.

Ortho-Cycle Co., Inc. began in Hollywood, California in 1976 and later moved to its current location in Hollywood, Florida. Since its establishment, Ortho-Cycle Co., Inc has formulated and engineered the process of reconditioning orthodontic attachments to a precision.
It is a leading international company focused on reconditioning orthodontic attachments and is continuously building on its strengths for over 36 years. As part of its strength, Ortho-Cycle Co., Inc is the first and only company in its field that has been certified by ISO 9001:2015; 13485:2016 and Registered with the FDA.
Ortho-Cycle Co., Inc.’s objective is to provide customer satisfaction and strive for customers to have the peace of mind that our commitment to our environment is paramount. Reconditioning orthodontic appliances (stainless steel devices) is not only an economic advantage to its users, but reduces the amount of harmful chromium and nickel ions which, if dumped, it may pollute our groundwater.


What People Say About Us

Their physical properties are maintained. (The adhesive is removed by dissolution, and not by charring). "Ortho-Cycle's method does not alter the mechanical properties of the bracket metal, and would be considered the most desirable method". ( D.L. Buchman, A.J.O./ D.O. 1980; 77: 654-668 ).
"The only safe way for bracket reconditioning is to remove the adhesive chemically (Ortho-Cycle's system)" . (F. V. Tenti, "Atlas of Orthodontic Appliances, Fixed and Removable", Caravel, Genova, 1986, p.305).

  • They are safe and effective.

    "Not a single case in court has been filled against the orthodontic pracitioners who are using reconditioned appliances. The use of reconditioned brackets can be incorporated in the orthodontic offices" (D.E. Machen A.J.O./D.O. 1993; 104: 618).

  • Their quality is faultless.

    "The quality of your recycling and sorting procedures have been faultless. After sending several thousand brackets to you, I would have expected (and accepted) that at least one or two may have been less than perfectly cleaned and sorted, but to my utter amazement, this has not occurred. As claimed in your magazine, I have experienced more problems with new brackets straight from the manufacturer than those received from your factory. Your company must hold something of a unique position in this regard..." (Letter from Mark L. Russell, M.D. Sc., L.D.S., Melbourne, Australia)